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Tieing a Luthier’s Knot When Changing Strings

Tieing a Luthier's Knot When Changing Strings

Last Updated on 28 July 2023 – 16:05

There’s many different methods that guitar manufacturers and luthier’s around the world use to secure the guitar strings to the tuning heads of a guitar to prevent string slipping. Each manufacturer will have their own little “twist” of course.

There is also a BUNCH of videos on Youtube (too many) which can often confuse any beginner or even intermediate who only changes their strings once in a while.

This video below will undoubtedly will give you the quickest and easiest way to tie a Luthier’s knot, its one of the best videos showing this and once you’ve seen it once you’re likely to remember it in your head and make your next string change an absolute breeze.

Enough of me blabbing, watch the video 👇 and enjoy.

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