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19 Years in the making

19 Years in the making

Last Updated on 25 July 2023 – 08:28

Hi friends, my name is Mitchell, I have owned for some 19 years and always had intentions to do something good with it and now eventually I have brought the domain and store to life.

I’ve been an avid guitarist for some 30+ years so of course this site will specialise only in Guitars, guitar equipment and accessories. I aim to bring you gear that’s not easy to source locally and make it available to you here in SA on this store and at great prices too.

As the store is still merely an infant it will grow exponentially with new products on an almost daily basis. I have a tendency to sell products I know, trust and use myself so the catalogue of items for sale will remain true to this.

I run several very reputable online stores all with 5 star reviews across the board and I go out of my way to make my customers happy so be assured you are not dealing with some fly by night.

Bringing guitars and guitar gear to you as yet another online venture seemed like a very logical choice for me as I just love guitars and everything associated with them. I just can’t believe it took me almost 20 years to do something about it but hey-ho here we are and I hope you will enjoy this journey with me and find some great products too.

I aim to try and grow this blog section too with useful tips, guides and product reviews. I do review and use products before I even contemplate selling them, in fact, all my online stores operate this way as I simply won’t sell something I don’t know anything about.

As much as I may blab along by myself on this blog from time to time, I most certainly do welcome anyone else in the industry from beginners to advanced who feel they have something valuable to contribute to this blog to simply drop me an email on with your contributions and I’m also happy to allow you to include 2-3 links back to your own site from any article you submit.

So, welcome to I am excited about this new journey and I look forward to growing this baby and having you along for the ride and feel free to drop any comments below.

PS – if you are looking for any specific product not in our store just drop me an email on and I will source it for you.

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