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    Charango 10 String Andean Guitar (68 cm)

    Buy a Beautiful Charango 10 String Andean Guitar (68 cm)

    Available in South Africa exclusively from

    The Charango is a Captivating and Enchanting Musical Instrument with Excellent Clarity and Resonance

    The charango is an amazingly small Andean 10 stringed instrument of the lute family. The instrument is widespread throughout the Andean regions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, northern Chile and northwestern Argentina, where it is a popular musical instrument that exists in many variant forms.

    • Distinctive Clarity & Resonance – Experience unparalleled sound with this 10-string charango, crafted for exceptional resonance stability.
    • Each note and chord vibrates with crystal-clear acoustics, ensuring your music captivates and enchants.
    • Meticulously selected premium woods are at the heart of our ukulele charango, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal.
    • The hand-finished detailing and hand-rubbed polish highlight the instrument’s natural beauty and artisanal quality.
    • With dimensions of 68.5 x 20.5 x 9 cm, this instrument is tailored for comfortable handling by musicians of any skill level, from beginners to seasoned players.
    • It’s compact enough for easy travel without compromising on the full-bodied sound.
    • Your ukulele charango comes with a complementary carrying bag, boasting a vibrant, handmade design.
    • Not only does it protect your instrument, but it also adds a touch of bohemian elegance to your musical ensemble.

    The basic charango has five pairs (or courses) of strings, typically tuned GCEAE. This tuning, disregarding octaves, is similar to the typical C-tuning of the ukulele or the Venezuelan cuatro, with the addition of a second E-course. Unlike most other stringed instruments, all ten strings are tuned inside one octave.


    The five courses are pitched as follows (from 5th to 1st course): G4 G4 – C5 C5 – E5 E4 – A4 A4 -E5 E5.


    Some charango players use “octave” strings on other pairs in addition to the middle course.


    Note that the lowest pitch is the “E” string in the middle (3rd) course, preceded by the higher pitched “g” (5th) course and “c” (4th) course, and followed by still higher pitched “a” (2nd) course and “e” (1st) courses. This tuning pattern is known as a re-entrant pattern because the pitches of the strings do not rise steadily from one string or course to the next, but progress from high to low and then back to high pitch again.


    Charangos, which are about the size of a ukulele, were traditionally made out of armadillo shells, though today it’s more common to find them made out of wood. And what it lacks in size, the charango more than makes up for in sound, with a powerful projection that’s similar in tone to a classic guitar or mandolin.


    Because of our values on the conservation of endangered wildlife we only sell wooden Charango’s.


    Artists who play the Charango – Blanco White


    Blanco White is the guise of guitarist, singer and songwriter Josh Edwards (born July 21, 1991), a Brit whose heart belongs in southern Spain and the Andean mountains.


    At university Josh threw himself into studying Spanish, and originally from London, Edwards travelled to Cadiz (Spain) to study flamenco guitar under the guidance of Nono Garcìa, before going to Sucre (Bolivia) where he was introduced to traditional Andean musicà folklòrica (folk music) and learnt to play the charango, an Andean instrument.


    Both instruments along with the places are pivotal to Blanco White’s hauntingly beautiful songwriting and otherworldly tunes, and architecture is a prominent feature in the visual art for the project.



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