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Classical Guitar Ox Bone Saddle Compensated (80mm)

Genuine Ox Bone Compensated Bridge Saddle (not synthetic) for Classical Guitars (80mm)

  • High Quality Ox Bone Nut
  • Compensated
  • Right Handed
  • Flat Based
Saddle Specifications
  • Length x Width: 80mm x 3mm
  • Height: 9mm (low E)

A bridge / saddle & nut replacement is one of the most simple but effective ways to improve the tone of your instrument and Ox Bone has a higher density than regular plastic or synthetic bone, providing improved sustain and clarity.

Ox Bone also gives greater tuning stability in comparison to plastic, as well as being much more durable.

As every guitar is different, you may need to adjust the height by sanding the bottom of the bone saddle/nut on a completely flat surface with a piece of sandpaper or on a belt sander.

If you are unsure of doing this yourself, simply contact us and we will send you to a reputable luthier close to you to assist you with this.


A compensated ox-bone saddle for a classical guitar is an essential component that significantly enhances the instrument’s tonal quality and intonation. Positioned on the bridge, the saddle supports the strings and transmits their vibrations to the soundboard, playing a crucial role in shaping the guitar’s sound. The compensation refers to slight adjustments made to the saddle’s shape to ensure each string has the correct length for perfect intonation. Ox-bone is a highly prized material for saddles due to its exceptional density and hardness, which contribute to a clearer, more resonant tone. Compared to synthetic materials or softer natural options, ox-bone provides superior transmission of string vibrations, resulting in a richer, more sustained sound.

The benefits of a compensated ox-bone saddle extend beyond just improved sound quality. Its durability ensures that the saddle will maintain its integrity and performance over a long period, even with the constant tension from the strings. This stability is particularly important for classical guitarists, who often employ intricate fingerstyle techniques that can place significant stress on the saddle. An ox-bone saddle resists wear and maintains consistent string height and spacing, which is crucial for both intonation and playability. The compensation aspect specifically addresses the intonation issues that can arise with standard saddles, ensuring that each note rings true and in tune across the fretboard.

Upgrading to a compensated ox-bone saddle can be a valuable enhancement for any classical guitar, regardless of its original price range. While many factory-made guitars come with plastic or composite saddles, replacing them with a compensated ox-bone saddle can result in a noticeable improvement in sound quality and intonation. The richness and clarity of each note become more pronounced, and the sustain is often significantly better. This upgrade is relatively inexpensive compared to other modifications but offers substantial benefits, making it a popular choice among both amateur and professional guitarists looking to enhance their instrument’s performance.

In addition to its practical benefits, a compensated ox-bone saddle also adds an element of traditional craftsmanship to a classical guitar. Bone has been used in musical instruments for centuries, valued for its natural properties and aesthetic appeal. Installing a compensated ox-bone saddle can give a classical guitar a more authentic and vintage feel, aligning with the instrument’s rich history. This connection to tradition can be particularly appealing to classical guitarists who appreciate the historical and cultural significance of their instrument.

Overall, a compensated ox-bone saddle is an excellent investment for any classical guitarist seeking to improve their instrument’s tone, intonation, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Its superior material properties ensure enhanced sound quality and long-term reliability, while its traditional look adds a timeless touch to the guitar. Whether for professional performance or personal enjoyment, upgrading to a compensated ox-bone saddle can make a significant difference in the quality and enjoyment of playing a classical guitar.

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