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    CF Martin Clip-On Guitar Tuner – Black (18A0126)

    Martin Guitar Tuner – Clip-On Black (18A0126)

    High-definition Tuning

    The 18A0126 Clip-on Tuner from Martin & Co. offers high-definition tuning with flexible features that help musicians perform with perfect intonation every time. Martin’s passion for beautiful instruments translates into the 18A0126’s design, which features a soft clip that’s made to fit instruments securely without damaging their finishes.


    The adjustable high-definition screen puts visibility first and ensures you can reference your tuner even in extreme lighting scenarios.


    Suitable for most stringed instruments

    The 18A0126 tuner offers straightforward guitar tuning, but it is also suitable for other stringed instruments such as violin, bass guitar, and ukulele. An onboard chromatic tuning mode offers access to all 12 musical notes with a broad detection range of A0 (27.5Hz) to C8 (4,186Hz), resulting in precise intonation for other instruments as well as alternative tunings.

    Versatile pitch calibration

    Advanced performers will love the 18A0126’s pitch calibration tool, which lets you calibrate a reference pitch in between 430Hz and 450Hz. This feature is extremely useful for adapting your tuner and tuning to slightly off instruments such as a stage piano, which can’t be tuned at a moment’s notice.

    Martin 18A0126 Clip-on Tuner Features:

    • Adjustable head for easy viewing
    • Soft clip that’s gentle on instrument finishes
    • High-def screen with good visibility in most lighting
    • Powered by CR2302 coin battery (1 included)
    • Chromatic option that’s suitable for most stringed instruments
    • Master pitch calibration capability (430–450Hz)
    • Detection range of A0 (27.5Hz) to C8 (4,186Hz)

    Martin Guitar Tuner Tech Specs

    • Type:Polyphonic with Chromatic option
    • Format:Clip-on
    • Display Type:LCD
    • Reference Pitch:A4 = 430-450Hz
    • Tuning Range:A0-C8 (27.5-4,186Hz)
    • Batteries:1 x CR2302
    • Manufacturer Part Number:18A0126
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